I'm saving this for real this time

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

coming soon.

Well, after years of wavering on the boarder of having a blog that focuses on interior design, I will be moving into my first apartment in New York. My friend Annabel and I are currently looking at places now. No dorms for me. I unfortunately don't get to go all out since New York is so far and I can't really use flea market finds to my advantage. That all will just have to wait until I get to live with Tess someday in the near future in our beautiful Los Angeles. I don't really have any photos to post now, but soon I will dig into my design folder and find some inspirational gems to share!

Saturday, August 08, 2009


I was linked to one of my classmate's blogs..which then led me to a list of links of blogs which she followed. After giving them a look over I realized how absolutely terribly boring they all are. They almost all followed the same pattern and had nothing unique to offer. The visuals were absolutely the worst, all coming from the same canon digital rebel probably.

Is this because I have the attention span of a Tumblr user now? Has blogging been around so long that it is nothing special and everyone and their mom has one? I believe it is both...and probably a few other things. I am constantly frustrated by the internet...technology too. My ex-boyfriend and I would always discuss our views on blogs, social networking sites, and whatever else the internet has that allows you to express yourself. Why put it on paper. Nick one day came home from class with a manifesto of the future of photography, how it will all be viewed on computer screens and making prints should become totally obsolete. Aside from drugstore prints I haven't made a print in months. In one class I didn't even bother making digital prints for class, instead I just projected it on a wall, where as probably 2 years ago that option would have been out of question. I have clearly gone off topic but I guess I think the internet is ready to implode upon itself, or else I am patiently waiting for it to do so.

Today I am going outside and will leave the internet behind. I should be concerned that my "tumblarity" is going to drop or something, but I will survive. Maybe when I come home though I am going to go over all the blogs I follow on my blog roll and drop the ones I just don't care about. Don't drop my blog though...I love you all, each and every one of you.

Monday, August 03, 2009

another year approaches

I am turning 19 in a week on August 10th. This Saturday I am planning a birthday picnic at the Getty Center before the Dodos play a show. Sunday I will be at the Rosebowl Fleamarket. Monday is my actual birthday but I have no idea what to do...maybe Disneyland??

Birthdays ALWAYS stress me out. I usually end up being cranky and overwhelmed. Birthdays have to many expectations. This birthday is going to be a sad one for sure though because it marks the start of my last year as a teenager, and I thought I was finally getting so angsty. How is it already August...Where has this summer gone??

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Melting.

It really sucks living in LA and not having air conditioning in your car. I cannot express that enough. I mean I guess it sucks anywhere that you live that is hot. My car doesn't have air conditioning and neither does my house. Then again I live in Malibu...we keep our doors open all day (please don't rob me). On the radio all any of the news people have to say is what a scorcher it is out there. I mean today it was 80 degrees at the beach, not even driving with the windows down could save me from my thighs sticking to my leather seats. Everyone's Facebook status is an indicator of the weather, or wishing they had a pool. And then there are those poor souls who live in the Valley. At least they have air conditoning in their homes...I hope. It must not be forgotten that we in LA live in a desert. It gets hot. So what do I do on a hot day?

1) Get away from the laptop...it is a portable heater (unless you are addicted to the internet).

2) Eat cool foods and stay hydrated. I know we all want to eat melty cheesy Mexican food but its just too hot for that. A bottle of ice cold water is your best friend. Fruits and salads and lots of yummy food that is good for you is also cool to eat. I've also been craving frozen yogurt. I can't resist and would get it every day if I could

3) Sit outside by any body of water (pool, ocean, lake, bucket of water, hose). You may as well get a tan...that's free.

4) Sleep all day. Then go out at night when things have cooled off. I usually opt for this mainly due to the lack of air conditioning in my car, and I like sleeping

5) Get into your underwear, grab a popsicle and lay in your empty bathtub. Trust me it is probably the coolest place in your house to be.

Those are my 5 tips for you. Its going to be a hot one this week. Just try to stay cool and not send the city into a black out.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

a collection of colors

The color of all these yarns are so beautiful and rich, I would love a rainbow blanket like the one above in those shades.

dear reader's i am curious

I have been absent from my blog mainly due to the fact that I frequent the world of tumblr. But I feel burnt out on tumblr and miss the old Orchid Killer. I saw this on another blog, and although i use Google analytics, I am curious as to my relationship with you all. Thus I bring you a poll! cool right!

I really hope people do this...