I'm saving this for real this time

Saturday, March 10, 2007


yep pretty drastic, plus all my light blonde was cut off so i need to go out and sit in the sun to be a blonde baby again.

friday night I went to Masque (the school talent show). I sat in the front row with Atticus and Grace and took pictures for yearbook. Then at intermission I went outside and was introduced to Jake Netter, who graduated two years ago. I have recently become internet friends with him, photgrapher to photographer through Flickr. He is a very nice handsome boy who has a lot of talent. We sat together for the rest of the show and talked the entire time, switching off taking pictures of the acts.
The talent was lacking. Highlights included Josh juggling fire and knives, these tap dancing little girls, the senior act (with this kid Dylan as Kathy Buck, making pancakes OF COURSE) you really have to be in her math class to have gotten the senior act, Carolina as a MC, Kate as a super hero, Griffith and band's Cream cover and Griffin and band's The Band cover.
I hope to be able to shoot with Jake soon, it seems he has a lot of knowledge.

oh, I took the SAT this morning. Kate and I made the most of the snack breaks by eating carrots and string cheese. The test was waaaaaay to long and I have a killer headache.


themoldydoily said...

LOVE the new BANGS look. Hot to trot.
I got my new flyers back!! You have to get some and pass them out. XO

Sarah said...

I love your new bangs!

KG said...

your hair looks fab!