I'm saving this for real this time

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

whos gonna be on top?

tonight was the season 8 premire of americas next top model
and i am surprised to say my favorite it Kathleen

girls from brooklyn and boy is she a character
she is soooo funny and has killer hair (okay so she just got kicked off..why does this always happennnn!)
samantha is also cute cute cute
renee is a bitch, and there are a lot of girls i just find boring
but nothing can expres how i feel about natasha. the russian mail order bride
hate hate hate hate!

I still really liked last season..looking back i was kinda eh..but i really liked the twins and Melrose

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

getting higher

I can't sleep, possibly because I have been sleeping like crazy

i have been looking like crazy for months to find high waisted jeans..but ive been lacking money so I havent been to sucessful in my search

but these babies are on my list

jbrand's bardot

Monday, February 26, 2007

[soulseex] + new best friend

technology has swept me off my feet and is filling that hole in my heart with music!

my appendectomy was succesful

i now have one less organ than i was born with!
i have been pretty sick though and in pain but i will soon be a healthy girl!

Kate came to visit me for awhile saturday, then danny, dani, kait, ricky, anthony and randy all came over later.
they brought soup and the boys ate chocolate cake and danny was a little bull in a china shop, curiously going through all my belongings, he also threw forks at me. Kait is such a silly and was obvious in trying to surprise me with their visit
I love my friends for visiting me!
Jon came over sunday afternoon for a good long time we just hung out on my bed and watched the oscars and played on the computer, I love when jon comes over because i can just hang out and be relaxed, he is an easy going person.

i get very naseaus from this medicine, i want it to be the weekend
it is kait's 18th birfday party!
i am working on a indie dance party mix cd for her


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

want want..need?

wish list
(this is my favorite model on all of ebay, i love this seller!)


Monday, February 19, 2007

one step forward two steps back

oh sigh

fresh breath

i want to find an internship
i want to get some photos published

wait really, look at jackson pollis

New Identity

Today marks the day of the death of "Lux's Vaudeville Vinyl"
and the birth of "Orchid Killer"

the LVV was too long and complicated of a url
it gave away my identity on the streets (slaptags and such)
and although it incorporated 3 things i love..sometimes we just need a change
who knows i may even switch back...but yesterday this name dawned on me as i sadly tried to save the life of my second orchid plant.

as many of you know I have been posting on Live Journal..posting my thoughts and what is going on in my life..so maybe with this new name i will be able to post different things

so for my first post i want to thank kime for giving me the heads up about this artist..aside from her beings so talented

i want her hair style!

taking a deep breath and letting go into the new.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

chemicals don't mess me up this time

So I'm sitting in yearbook right now with nothing to do and it is basicaly the weekend for me, but i have three pictures that I thought i would blog in since I have only been doing lj these days

dana and cotter (for my ap portfolio)

texture at coney island

thsis was from a class project, i then had to weave this image

friday night it a fondu party at blaines....finally!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

im searching for the perfect vintage white bouncy dress that is casual enough to wear to school or with my friends but that i could also wear to a show

im hoping to find something at the rosebowl on sunday

Friday, February 02, 2007

i'm doing my research

The appendix is a small, tube-like structure attached to the first part of the large intestine, also called the colon. The appendix is located in the lower right portion of the abdomen. It has no known function. Removal of the appendix appears to cause no change in digestive function.

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix. Once it starts, there is no effective medical therapy, so appendicitis is considered a medical emergency. When treated promptly, most patients recover without difficulty. If treatment is delayed, the appendix can burst, causing infection and even death (I learned this the hard way). Appendicitis is the most common acute surgical emergency of the abdomen. Anyone can get appendicitis, but it occurs most often between the ages of 10 and 30.

The most serious complication of appendicitis is rupture, which can lead to peritonitis and abscess (this is what happened to me).

Acute appendicitis is treated by surgery to remove the appendix. The operation may be performed through a standard small incision in the right lower part of the abdomen, or it may be performed using a laparoscope (this is what i'm getting!), which requires three to four smaller incisions. If other conditions are suspected in addition to appendicitis, they may be identified using laparoscopy. In some patients, laparoscopy is preferable to open surgery because the incision is smaller, recovery time is quicker, and less pain medication is required. The appendix is almost always removed, even if it is found to be normal. With complete removal, any later episodes of pain will not be attributed to appendicitis.

Recovery from appendectomy takes a few weeks. Doctors usually prescribe pain medication and ask patients to limit physical activity. Recovery from laparoscopic appendectomy is generally faster, but limiting strenuous activity may still be necessary for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. Most people treated for appendicitis recover excellently and rarely need to make any changes in their diet, exercise, or lifestyle.

the actual surgery

During laparoscopic surgery, you will be given:

intravenous (IV) fluids
local anesthesia - numbs only the areas involved in the surgery
general anesthesia - makes you sleep during the surgery

a sedative (possibly)
The surgeon will cut a small opening in the abdomen. The location of this incision varies depending on the procedure, and is either near the navel or in the lower abdomen for pelvic conditions.

A needle will be inserted, and used to inject carbon dioxide gas into the abdomen. This gas will cause the abdominal cavity to expand and will make it easier for the doctor to see the internal structures. The doctor will then insert a long, thin tubular instrument (laparoscope) that lights, magnifies, and projects an image of the internal organs onto a video screen. The internal organs will be inspected.
f necessary, several other tiny incisions
may be made in the abdomen through which to insert instruments that can take biopsies or perform various types of surgery (such as removal of an organ). After the laparoscope and any other tools are removed, the incisions will be closed with stitches or clips and covered with a dressing.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I don't think a year ago I had any friends...I mean there were the kids from cooking, megan, chelsea, I wasn't terribly close with anyone at all...
but now I have the best friends anyone could ever ask for and I love them like crazy.

I'm getting surgery soon. The appendix is coming out. Visitors are requested post surgery.