I'm saving this for real this time

Sunday, December 31, 2006


I am obviously not at some fun party like the rest of mt friends are

I am sitting in a dark room with a drink. Not much goes on here... I guess I didnt put in a good effort into finding a party here in the valley.

I am usually the one to put on a fireworks show..I didnt even to that

I walked outside into the middle of the street wrapped in a blanket and my unitard and watched other peoples fireworks go off.

I just really want to go home and be with my friends who I love.

I've never made resolutions for New Years...
i guess loose a few pounds
not go into the hospital
start getting serious about my future
and the ultimate cliche of finding love or something close to it.

and I honestly dont mean to be such a downer here..but I can't help being realistic about situations.
There has been no hype this whole winter season...maybe there is something wrong with me? or maybe im distracted by a certain someone.

I had a really lovely day taking pictures in the valley and playing in the snow.
I woke up to beautiful frost covering everything and silver ice crstals fluttering everywhere
and tonight I had a rediculous five course meal that after the first course I was full.

What New Years means to me is remembering to write a new number on my heading for school assignments

Happy 2007 loves!

let us see what you will bring!

in the sleeping bag

written december 30th:

jason called me and it was so nice to hear his voice.

Last night I watched The Notorious Bettie Page.
I full stand by saying it was amazing. I really enjoyed it and it was believable and interesting andI actually want to own it.

People have been acting funny, people being Albert. But i can't complain.I have no right to.

still no new years plans...jason told me about a few parties.. so did colin. Most are in Salt Lake meaning I cannot attend.
I really miss all my friends.
I know a few of you guys read this..so friday do you guys want to have a party or something?
Jon and I are trying to find someone who has a pool.....

anything.i just need a fun fun fun weekend with all my lovelies!

plus jon told me we are gonna have a nature show saturday...and sunday!

i went to the hardware store today and it has everything! i could buy everything i would ever want and need..they even had the red ryder bb-gun just like in a christmas story!

they had a whole display of plastic animals
I eventually want all of them..but today i got a little fawn
its seriously cute cute cute

back in utah

written on december 28:

I knew I was back in Utah the second I looked over to the car next t me and saw a good looking young guy no older than 22 with his wife and 2 kids. I'm glad im not involved in that...although I could have sworn I saw Jason working at the mountain bike shop...I sometimes forget to pay attention to my friends here. Because each time I come I feel I have less and less friends here and more back home. Everyone here starts their adult lives so much earlier and I'm not getting any older..

It is freezing here. My yard is covered in snow. I stocked up on soups and dvds and for the first time we have internet in the house. Last night was so much fun at nicole's..This is a complete change in setting

I need to figure out the balance of everything in my live..and coming here has always been a place for me to get my mind back on track, so I guess i will see about everything.

this place is real where sometimes my life is unrealistic

shit the OH in OHio is such a good movie

its definitely not for children if you know what I mean.


I originally wrote this on christmas morning...It was posted on my livejournal

Okay so here i go with the inventory!
-1 roll Kodak ultra color 100
-1 roll Fujicolor Superia Reala 100
-1 roll Fujichrome Velvia 100
-30 pack of CD-R
-The Squid and the Whale DVD
-Polaroid Spectra Film
-wireless remote for the Canon Rebel
-a car converter for my computer (so I can use it on road trips)
-Holga camera with the new color splash flash
-5 rolls of 120 film (for the holga) Fujichrome Velvia 100
-15 inch Polaroid flat screen tv

so basically my parents went with a new system for the holidays

My dad took over Christmas
While my mom took over Hanukkah

heres that intake:
-Diane Arbus book
-Red cashemere fingerless gloves that double as mittens from J.Crew
-$25 to the apple store
-Century Girl book (about Doris Eaton..last living star of the Ziegfeld Follies...this book is fucking beautiful)
-Coral thermal cardigan from madewell
-Flower print thermal from free people
-Red sweater from f21
-grey thermal from urban
-red american apparel headband
-Marc Jacobs care package:
-red patent leather key chain
-white mirror compact
-plastic ring
-band aids (this might leave a marc)

-Asphalt tanktop unitard from American Apparel
-Marigold zip up hoodie from American Apparel
-White longsleeve vneck " "

plus atticus got me the turquoise lamé hot shorts

Last night we went to have lobster in Santa Monica... We had a view of the ocean and the Pier. The Ferris wheel looked so pretty and I could see the sea serpent that shoots water in the summer that I have spent many a days climbing on. By luck we had the best view in the restaurant.

I got no sleep last night. I woke up many times...it was just one of those nights where my insomnia decided to hit hard.

I woke up this morning to open the presents and I had missed a call from Kristina!
It made me so happy to hear from her because I miss my SVA friends a lot and so Kristina and I caught up a bit and shared what we got, and discussed our american apparel addiction.

Wednesday is Nicole's big birthday bash!
I'm still not sure what to dress up as...I want to go with my original idea..but I dont think people will get it.
Then I'm off to utah...eh I'm happy to be there but I don't think I will get to hang out with a lot of people.

Then I come home hopefully in time to have a few outings in LA and the Sunday before I go back to school is a nature show with the kids from Arizona! I'm so happy becasue all my friends will be home
Dani will be back form her roadtrip with Derek and Blaine back from her cruise and the rest of the kids will all be back together!

I really want to get my lisence in the mail.

I'm in a good mood now looking back at every thing I got..I'm so thankful because I was sure we weren't doing a big gift thing this year.
Christmas eve puts me in a bad mood. I am always extremely sarcastic and overall an unhappy person
It used to be a big family get together
but when my grandma died so did the tradition and that when my Mom Dad and I began going to Utah. I still dislike spending time with the extended family this time of year only because its not the same...so I guess thats it.

also its hard to deal with christmas when its not very christmasy outside

75 degrees ugh too hot!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

pictures pictures pictures and lots of them

Yay pictures!!!

i'm off to utah tomorrow

nicoles was a lot of fun!

stacey and i want to throw and american apparel party

to bad she has to go back to college soon

Monday, December 18, 2006

everyday turns turns turns...

I feel young and old at the same time
I want to build a blanket fort
But go and visit friends all over the country on my own.

JP hit his head yesterday
not good
but he seems to be fine.

4 days left till vacation
2 essays
1 test

Thursday, December 14, 2006

mix tapes in the mail

I recieved a yellow envelope in the mail today, enclosed was something that made me want to cry.
A mix tape sent with love from Boy Joshua in Tucson Arizona.
He drew beautiful artwork and taped 16 hand picked songs
and sent it with all his love
to his friend who truely needed a pick me up like this.

I can't wait to listen to it!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

oh no...

My nose is running and I'm fearing that I am coming down with a cold!
My friend has gone missing. No one is talking about it or those who know where she is are not saying, my teacher said it was private. I am very worried
but I know she is atleast in a good place.
School is getting the best of me and I am dreadung the spiral down into the new year.
I am unprepared for the holidays and my winter break, I want to get my liscene so I can spend my free time exploring and trotting about LA.
I need to go to some shows and do some shopping!
I need to spend time with friends!
Matt and Kim this weekend was amazing, the pictures are posted on 476ad and my livejournal. I have been posting on there which annoys me but it is sometimes easier and i get the feeling more people read it?

I am working on my wish list

i'm not good at asking for things, I'm more of a see them as they come kinda gal.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

little slice of love

For those few who know this dress
this is the dress that I have lusted over at the Rosebowl for over a year
I thought it did not fit
and i was going to take kime and cynthias advice on buying it so no one else could have it
but when i tried it on...
it fit!

12 bucks for a little slice of love

Last night I ventured out into the rain with Grace and Miles to go downtown into the warehouse district to see Matt & Kim and No Age!
It was amazing and freezing and hot and the coolest place to have a show
they played on the skate ramp!
my white shoes got temporatily trashed from being stepped on in the rowdy crowd of hipster boys and girls.

there are pictures on 476ad

there is a link under the link section side bar!