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Sunday, December 31, 2006

back in utah

written on december 28:

I knew I was back in Utah the second I looked over to the car next t me and saw a good looking young guy no older than 22 with his wife and 2 kids. I'm glad im not involved in that...although I could have sworn I saw Jason working at the mountain bike shop...I sometimes forget to pay attention to my friends here. Because each time I come I feel I have less and less friends here and more back home. Everyone here starts their adult lives so much earlier and I'm not getting any older..

It is freezing here. My yard is covered in snow. I stocked up on soups and dvds and for the first time we have internet in the house. Last night was so much fun at nicole's..This is a complete change in setting

I need to figure out the balance of everything in my live..and coming here has always been a place for me to get my mind back on track, so I guess i will see about everything.

this place is real where sometimes my life is unrealistic

shit the OH in OHio is such a good movie

its definitely not for children if you know what I mean.

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