I'm saving this for real this time

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lets coin the term "Hipster Suicide"

So I ought to write more, but what can I say I'm a busy girl
Last Sunday, yes a week ago I went to a fabulous BBQ at Greg K's for my west coast friends he is one of the MisShapes DJs, there in the small gathering was some of the greatest people i have seen while in this city. There were some framiliar faces there like girl who work at Screaming Mimi's who have appeared on the Moldy Doily. Kristina, Austin and I went and had a lovely time releaxing in the courtyard of Greg's apartment. It kills me the curfew I have here. That is why I am in my room and not at MisShapes!!! I spent my afternoon in the haze of Keith's room with Dana, Jamie, Sean, with people coming and going. I was a nice way to rest after our Upper Westside adventure.
shit im tired i will write more later

Saturday, July 15, 2006

competition for the best week ever

Greg, one of the MisShapes DJs sent someone to find my friend austin to tell him to call him, we now get to go to MisShapes. we were invited for tonight but we can't stay out cause of stupid curfew. Siren music festival was amazing, Eveyone ought to check out a band called Man Man, they are so obscure but you listen to them and they are amazing. I went with Chelsea, Austin, Crosby, Jon and Joshua. We met up with chelsea's friend Heather there and saw Danii and Danny, aswell as Adam and Adly (the twins) and many people from our program. I met a guy named Cooper who knew chelsea from Parsons and he took the subway back with us. Tonight we had a pizza party and then ran around the building delivering random junk mail to peoples rooms and filling out dating service forms. we are random and having the time of out lives. I know its a cliche...what can I say, you are only young once.
plus i got my picture taken for the worth global style network
check it out at www.wgsn.com
it was so cool

Chelsea & Crosby



Man Man

The Siren Krew


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

hot town, summer in the city

So, I have been crazy busy running around and making new friends, aswell as taking pictures (which I am here to do for those not aware). I am on the 4th floor in my dorm with a view of the drug store across the street, Down the street is yes, an american apparel and a bit further is the subway stop that will take me just about anywhere I want to go. I have an great companion who goes on adventures aroudn the city with me named Crosby, the lovely Kristina who may be one of the greatest people I have met outside of California. Then there is friends like Lauren, Vino, Sally, Beatriz (my only other friend from California, representing Burbank), Dana, hannah, Dimitri, Lee, Michelle, Eric, All the kids on my photo class, and my newest friend Austin who is fabulous and deserves to be an honarary member of my circle of friends in LA there are so many more its insane.
Tomorrow I will be going to Coney Island for a photo shoot! and today I got to work in the studio shooting.
It's very late and I will try to get pictures
I am just so swamped

Friday, July 07, 2006

Big City Bound after Belle at the Bowl

I am for once not going to Utah on a trip
Tonight I am flying to New York
I hate flying alone
and at night
and I am beyond sared
and I currently dont want to get out of my bed beause it will be the last time I get to be in it for a month

Last night I had such an amazing time
Belle at the Bowl!
The Shins were so great, they played a couple new songs which made the whole concert worth it
Belle and Sebastian backed up by the LA Phil had a great sound
the lead singer is quite a showman
getting dresses, makeup, from people in the crowd, pulling up girls to dance
He was over the top and preformed an amazing 2 hour set
by the end everyone was standing up dancing.
Ok well onto a day of packing...yuck

Monday, July 03, 2006

I think we may be entering summer days

Today is:
1) My mom's birthday, but we are celebrating tomorrow
2)Kate's 16th birthday!!

I woke up only to be kicked out of my room by my housekeeper...
I then went into the valley with my father to run errands
We made it home by noon for me to head over to Kate's house for some beach time with friends

This was actually the first time I have been in the ocean all year.
And it felt so good, perfect temperature and so glassy out
though the water is supposed to be filthy
to the point where it has a grade below a C.
it did not seem gross, but who knows....
while all of us girlies, (kate, alexa, alex, kelsey, tiare, geena, liz, smyth, and I) were sitting on the private beach
I spot two boys walk by who look oddly familiar
and who is it?
Buck and Noah
of all people in the world, on our turf.
For those not familiar with the twosome of Buck and Noah, they are friends from 14below, in a band called Love Street Division
We visited with them then they went to the tidepools
We spent more time tanning and swimming
then we attempted to go to paradise cove, but not all of our party made it.
Alexa and I decided to head back on account of Kate, Genna, and Tiare being back in our cove.
We saw Buck and Noah again and made to quest back with them, then some more swimming with the boys and such then we headed up to kates house for some cake.

I came home and jumped in the pool I returned home and by 6 the cat and the dad had fallen asleep
so I got into my own cozy bed and now I want to go out in the world

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Oh Brazil, why did you have to let me down like this?

Well the country my grandfather is from is out of the World Cup. I had all my money on Brazil only to lose to FRANCE!!!!!! Now with England out now Viva Italia? I should be rooting for Germany considering that is where the rest of mi familia is from but I'm just not that into them....

Well this new camera is unstopable when it comes to taking pictures
So I'm pretty sure there will be more pictures in this blog than ever before.
pool day with anna

on the way to the roxy with miles
went and saw The Like and Simon Dawes

on the way home

Anna & WE

LAYouth @14Below Punk Night!



grace and friends in the vip booth

Noah Fucking Klein

Emma will kill you bitch!

kyle says.....


I can't believe it is Saturday....