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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lets coin the term "Hipster Suicide"

So I ought to write more, but what can I say I'm a busy girl
Last Sunday, yes a week ago I went to a fabulous BBQ at Greg K's for my west coast friends he is one of the MisShapes DJs, there in the small gathering was some of the greatest people i have seen while in this city. There were some framiliar faces there like girl who work at Screaming Mimi's who have appeared on the Moldy Doily. Kristina, Austin and I went and had a lovely time releaxing in the courtyard of Greg's apartment. It kills me the curfew I have here. That is why I am in my room and not at MisShapes!!! I spent my afternoon in the haze of Keith's room with Dana, Jamie, Sean, with people coming and going. I was a nice way to rest after our Upper Westside adventure.
shit im tired i will write more later

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kime said...

hey where are all your photos of the big apple? Don't make us westsiders give you an "F" for blogging- we are bored silly in a heat wave and need more action.
I'm going to NYC Tues--I'll keep you posted