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Monday, July 03, 2006

I think we may be entering summer days

Today is:
1) My mom's birthday, but we are celebrating tomorrow
2)Kate's 16th birthday!!

I woke up only to be kicked out of my room by my housekeeper...
I then went into the valley with my father to run errands
We made it home by noon for me to head over to Kate's house for some beach time with friends

This was actually the first time I have been in the ocean all year.
And it felt so good, perfect temperature and so glassy out
though the water is supposed to be filthy
to the point where it has a grade below a C.
it did not seem gross, but who knows....
while all of us girlies, (kate, alexa, alex, kelsey, tiare, geena, liz, smyth, and I) were sitting on the private beach
I spot two boys walk by who look oddly familiar
and who is it?
Buck and Noah
of all people in the world, on our turf.
For those not familiar with the twosome of Buck and Noah, they are friends from 14below, in a band called Love Street Division
We visited with them then they went to the tidepools
We spent more time tanning and swimming
then we attempted to go to paradise cove, but not all of our party made it.
Alexa and I decided to head back on account of Kate, Genna, and Tiare being back in our cove.
We saw Buck and Noah again and made to quest back with them, then some more swimming with the boys and such then we headed up to kates house for some cake.

I came home and jumped in the pool I returned home and by 6 the cat and the dad had fallen asleep
so I got into my own cozy bed and now I want to go out in the world

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kate said...

Thank you so much for coming today. I love you.