I'm saving this for real this time

Friday, September 29, 2006


my housekeeper has hid my favorite white sneaker flats.

days missing:4.5

went to the new H&M
got 5 cute pieces, hopefully photos to come
1 week away from DETOUR!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

teenage wasteland.

I think I may be in(lust)love with this boy
who I met at the beginning of the year.
he's awfully perfect possibly because his tastes in art and music and movies and hobbies are similar to mine.
Its comforting to know he doesn't look like me.
I tell everyone how I wish I saw him more often.
I worry about if I'm exaggerating and getting to involved over absolutely nothing.
I wonder why its so quiet.

it makes me refer back to almost a year ago this December when I was involved with a boy who dressed almost identical to I.
I laughed when I passed him in the hall and we were once again dressed similar. I also laugh about how we never felt the need to talk... or maybe it was because we had nothing to talk about.

I have found a beautiful boy, who I never have a chance with, not in my wildest dreams.
I met him by complete fluke and found him again by pure coincidence. This has happened many times though.
and I'm hesitant to how it all ends.

I joke about becoming a nun.
I don't think I ever would. Ever
I need to work on friend versus something else.

improvements for the school year
some random thoughts about attatchement.

3 day weekend
no plans
boys are to busy
I'm unsure about who I want to socalize with.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

lady bug lady bug, i love you.

I have found two ladybugs in my bed
in the past few weeks

one alive
the last dead

its funny seeing a ladybug at night

they seem so out of place.

Friday, September 08, 2006

i loved seeing this boy
he is such the looker
i missed his other half
but i would like to keep the image of him in my head when he still had his crusty boy looks, brown hair and scruffy beard included.
so not down with the bleach and the clean shaven face

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ew. High School


it is pretty bad

and I want to transfer schools

I enjoy going back to school feeling good, and looking good
only to remember that these are my friends..
and the friends that I do love
are in none of my classes

especially english

ew..its not AP
I have creepers to the left of me, ghetto hoes to my right.


any ideas on private schools

crossroads for second semester and senior year?

can i just graduate now?

i need to scan in my super first day outfit photos
expect that soon.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

lets us list three

Wow..end of summer
where did it go.....

3 Best Places:
Lower Manhattan
my pool

3 Songs:
holy night by deerhoof
the party's crashing us by of montreal
so rich so pretty by mickey avalon
(its hard to chose just three)

3 People:
another hard one to choose
can i put daniel on to..he is necessary.

3 Objects:

3 things you hated:
leaving SVA

3 things you will never forget:
greg's bbq
long island weekend
union square

3 things you loved:
amazing new best friends
the city

3 things you have to do next summer:
go to new york again
return to previous summer days..preferably those of the summer before 8th grade
go on amazing adventures with amazing people