I'm saving this for real this time

Sunday, April 30, 2006

mary mary quite contrary

mary pickford


i just remembered
on my way home from utah a week ago
i saw a motorcycle club
a black rebel motorcycle club
no lies
not the band
but a black motorcycle gang
and i automatically thought of the band which i do love quite a lot

Friday, April 28, 2006

screaming mimi's gives me something to look forward to

so i go to the movies with my two friends crystallyn and melody
and afterward we go get food
and we are sitting there
and this girl i was once friends with in middle school
walks up
and starts talking to melody cause we all went to elementary school together
but i think she didnt recognize me
it wasnt terribly dark
but maybe i have changed alot?
id show a comparison in pictures
but i would like to forget my awkward stage in 6 and 7th grade....

this afternoon i also recieved the new paper magazine in the mail
that means new screaming mimi's ad!

i want to get this shirt
and i definately want to go to screaming mimi's

some old ads
usually in paper
also in anthem
which brooke has shot spreads for

pants off dance off

i feel mildly accomplished
its a pretty good feeling too
the first week back at school from any kind aof vacation is always difficult
i have now begun counting the days until my summer vacation
im somewhere around 60 counting weekends
now i have the pressure on me to be seriously looking at colleges
and all that stuff
and honestly i think its shit
but i still do it anyway
i saw this commercial last night while watching the oc
it was 30 seconds of someone tweezing thier eyebrows
and one eye and eyebrow filled the frame
the it backs up to half the face and the person is missing one of their eyebrows becasue they have plucked it so much
and the voice starts speaking and it says
its amazing what one can acomplish while on meth
what the hell is that about
saturday night im missing out on the weekend parties and im going to see a play about nazis
my mother
my jewish mother
designed the costumes
i asked her if there were real nazis in it she said no
i was disapointed
im sure original nazis must be out there in south america in some hole in the ground
its scary to think

as not many people know
i am addicted to 7th heaven
i watchit for 2 hours when i get homw from school except on the days i have tennis
i then put on fuse afterwards and watch msuic videos untill dinner
usually around 730 i have finsihed eating and i go back upstairs to continue hw
and i have discovered this show
called the night time clap
if you are ever near a tv set around that time
i suggest you try and catch it
its a clever twisted show
its like best week ever + saturday night live(when it was still funny) + pure original genius
ive never quite seen anything like it
well yesterday i go to watch it but instead i see this show called pants off dance off which has been advertised for the past week or so
and there are od people with odd hair and clothes dancing to pop/rap music videos while stripping
and its the oddest thing i have ever seen in my life
right before they become naked
they are censored and thats it
id like to know if anyone is willing to go on that show
becasue it would honestly make me the happiest person in the world to see someone i know do that
well im off into the valley for the afternoon
no pictures for today
i figured i would write a lovely little recap of life

Sunday, April 23, 2006

on our way back home

cute boys
colin and colby
thursday was a lovely 4/20
i went down to provo to the mall with my friend mary
i then went to see del the funky homosapien and the von bondies
the crowd was under a haze of smoke
it was awesome
i had a group of 5 tough tattooed and pierced guys in the very front row with me
colin was running around taking pictures
and then colby the 1st came and we watched the show
then we all went to the student union and hung out
friday night i went down to the u again and saw over it, mae, and yellowcard
the yellowcard kids scared me
they were a bunch of idiodic frat boys and screaming girls
but i still had a fun time
i spent saturday over at dylans house.. denver was over and we sat around talkign about mutual friends
then this kid nick came over
and we skated down to the city park and the boys played volleyball
i watched pretty persuasion which is another movie i suggest you all watch
its very interesting and twisted
evan rachel woods is extremely talented

i found this quote sums up the film
"Kimberly Joyce, you have the face of an angel. Throw in a ripe, little pubescent body - the devil wears a gray skirt, my friend"

i really do enjoy seeing great films
it makes my day
i slept the majority of the drive home
i read franz kafka's the metamorphosis
and listend to left of center and underground garage on sirius radio
those two channels are amazing
they pinpoint my musical tastes
well now tommorow i get to go to school...yay..
now its all downhill to summer vacation
except for everyone else is getting out in the next month and im stuck in that hell hole until the middle/end of june
oh well...

Friday, April 21, 2006

idols and such

these last two picture i found
while searching for pictures for my holocaust project
it kind of confused me why they showed up
and what confuses me even more is that the picture of the two red army girls...well they look contempoary while the cars look retro...

i like this picture of the cross
i took it at a sonic off of state street
jesus can even be found in the parking lot of a fa(s)t food resurant
and the mouse
well that was left over by our renters
it creeps me out just about evrytime i walk past it at night

Thursday, April 20, 2006

how did i manage to pass by ghost world on the shelves for so long?

maybe it was its odd name and the two weird girlls on the cover?
well in my old age
ive seem pretty much all the movies i have wanted to see
but its always refreshing to see one that i have somehow passed by
well i already a whole blog explaining the story of Enid played by Thora Birch
and her best friend Rebecca played by scarlet johansson
ive decided the opening to this film might me my favorite opening
it is a clip from the 1965 indian film Gunaam
Its a clip of a dance scene where all the dancers are wearinf robin (as in batman and robin) masks
ayways they are dancing to this song called "Jaan Pehechaan Ho" sung by Mohammed Rafi
the the shot pulls back to enid dancing along to the music
like many people do when no one is watching
the only way i can explain it is american bandstand style
i just love it

its a cute story and enjoyable and awkward at tiem to watch
i recomend you rent it if you have not seen it or re-rent it if you have its fabulous

well now i have to walk a couple blocks home and i have a very busy afternoon and night
happy thursday!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

drive to nowhere..ish

well once again I am in my beloved utah
the drive up was pretty interesting i must say
i decided to take a break for a tiny choclate dipped icecream cone and the local dairy queen in the middle of central utah
so i got a medium cause the cone looked super small
ya not really
it weighed probly 5 pounds
im not going to eat icecream for another 10 years
which makes sense casue ten years ago was the last time a ate at a dairy queen

this pretty much disgusts me
i had to hand it over to my dad

Look at this poor donkey
it makes me sad
he was being pulled in a little platform with some fencing behind a minivan on the interstate and 70 mph
ill post more of my finds soon
ill take some good pictures of the evil robins in the backyard

Friday, April 14, 2006

good friday?

my family doesn'y have a lot of...traditions
but one the we always do
no matter what
is dye easter eggs
this year since my dad and I are going to be in utah we died eggs yesterday
and today my mom and I made deviled eggs

Classy girls...Classy times

I seem to be infatuated with pulp fiction and pinup illustration
there's something so classic about them and it seem like its such a shame that there isn't art work like this still circulating around

this one is a later one
from the summer of love '67 up in san francisco
its interesting to see films and tv shows
in the mainstream of that time
depicting hollywoods idea of counter culture at that time
i can see how poorley my generation is going to be reflected my mainstream media

I swear Megan and I ranted on saying this for months
this illustration might be her icon

well tomorrow I ship out to Utah
i'm pretty happy
I hopefully will be able to meet up with some friends

my aunt was just reminiscing about back when sav-on used to have all those little creatures where you would press
their foot and they would start moving and singing
we laughed when we decided that the reason those are no longer on the shelves
is because people would always walk down and set all of them off at once
I am guilty of that
but boy was it fun