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Friday, April 14, 2006

Classy girls...Classy times

I seem to be infatuated with pulp fiction and pinup illustration
there's something so classic about them and it seem like its such a shame that there isn't art work like this still circulating around

this one is a later one
from the summer of love '67 up in san francisco
its interesting to see films and tv shows
in the mainstream of that time
depicting hollywoods idea of counter culture at that time
i can see how poorley my generation is going to be reflected my mainstream media

I swear Megan and I ranted on saying this for months
this illustration might be her icon

well tomorrow I ship out to Utah
i'm pretty happy
I hopefully will be able to meet up with some friends

my aunt was just reminiscing about back when sav-on used to have all those little creatures where you would press
their foot and they would start moving and singing
we laughed when we decided that the reason those are no longer on the shelves
is because people would always walk down and set all of them off at once
I am guilty of that
but boy was it fun

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