I'm saving this for real this time

Thursday, April 20, 2006

how did i manage to pass by ghost world on the shelves for so long?

maybe it was its odd name and the two weird girlls on the cover?
well in my old age
ive seem pretty much all the movies i have wanted to see
but its always refreshing to see one that i have somehow passed by
well i already a whole blog explaining the story of Enid played by Thora Birch
and her best friend Rebecca played by scarlet johansson
ive decided the opening to this film might me my favorite opening
it is a clip from the 1965 indian film Gunaam
Its a clip of a dance scene where all the dancers are wearinf robin (as in batman and robin) masks
ayways they are dancing to this song called "Jaan Pehechaan Ho" sung by Mohammed Rafi
the the shot pulls back to enid dancing along to the music
like many people do when no one is watching
the only way i can explain it is american bandstand style
i just love it

its a cute story and enjoyable and awkward at tiem to watch
i recomend you rent it if you have not seen it or re-rent it if you have its fabulous

well now i have to walk a couple blocks home and i have a very busy afternoon and night
happy thursday!


Colin Roe said...

I own this. the dancing is what made me sit and watch it as i listened from the other room. and then i finished it and waited an hour and watched it again! i love ifc

emma said...

we discussed this lovely film last night
people should still dance like they do in this scene