I'm saving this for real this time

Friday, April 28, 2006

screaming mimi's gives me something to look forward to

so i go to the movies with my two friends crystallyn and melody
and afterward we go get food
and we are sitting there
and this girl i was once friends with in middle school
walks up
and starts talking to melody cause we all went to elementary school together
but i think she didnt recognize me
it wasnt terribly dark
but maybe i have changed alot?
id show a comparison in pictures
but i would like to forget my awkward stage in 6 and 7th grade....

this afternoon i also recieved the new paper magazine in the mail
that means new screaming mimi's ad!

i want to get this shirt
and i definately want to go to screaming mimi's

some old ads
usually in paper
also in anthem
which brooke has shot spreads for


themoldydoily said...

Hey...guess what? I'm doing the window at Screaming MIMIs and having an art/fashion party May 25th--in NYC- you should try to go. My friend Fawn makes all those awesome ads in Paper. XOXOX

emma said...

how long is it going to be up for?
im going to be in new york in july
it probly wont still be up huh..
well im sure ill see the fabulous pictures
i remember you telling me about it though
that is so exciting!
i love your friends ads soooo much too!