I'm saving this for real this time

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

looking back to the past for the future

How fabulous would it be to wear hats.. I think my heat is to big to wear most, btu i wish they were more fashionable

I have always been told, becasue of my deepside part and peek-a-boo long blonde hair..I remind people of veronica lake
I think she is absolutely beautiful

Monday, May 29, 2006

the sadness in a passing principal

Paul Gleason aka Principal Vernon


"Don't mess with the bull, young man. You'll get the horns. "

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

at this rate, please don't let me become a cat lady

Today I headed out to Pasadena (which I seem to do a lot on sundays)
I went to the Norton Simon Art Museum with Dalton and Nadia and Paris
we had a lovely time
and ate too much food at lunch
where we saw the soap star Susan Lucci with her daughter who is on Passions
We saw a cute boy who we named Todd, he wore thick glasses and all black chucks
he had his headphones on but was working as gaurd type person, you know the one who makes sure you don't touch anything
haha colin love you must be gettign a kick out of that
well we saw the cute boy "Todd" and I wanted to go talk to him but he went onhis break before I could get the chance It was tragic, we then saw a group of cute boys sketching in hte gardens by the pond, one in a royal blue shirt and white sweat band headband.
It was a lovely day, we listend to music and such and had quite a few laughs
I took these pictures of Nadia's cat Lily, she is quite the fiesty one, she batted at me a few times.
I love how she sits in this glass bowl basking in the sun

through the looking glass

Saturday, May 27, 2006

summers creeping in through that sliding door

Well people are deciding that the sun is a major priority
who needs algebra and history when we have to sun and the beach
weekend nights are for going to shows and art openings
dancing and socalizing with old friends and new
weekend mornings are for recovering from the previous night
and planning what the next night holds

everyone should check out my friends bands
Run Doris Run from Long Beach
The Kung Fu Girls from Long Island
From the Gallows

everdae @ scene night @14 below in santa monica

the great white hunter

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

summer in the city

Some clothes I want for summer
I do need shorts
and lots of things in cotton.

rough and tough week
ah the stress of life
but tommorrow I'm going to do some retail therapy
and friday=scene night!
haha my friends and I won't be dressing scene though

Thursday, May 18, 2006

For Elliott with Special Hugs & Cake?

oh you silly boy
Is it possible to measure the pleasure you get in this?

Well spring is supposed to be about new begginings but as it turns into summer it means your favorite seniors graduation and the series finale of some of your favorite shows.
I think I may devote a whole entry eventually to my seniors
Series finales makes my heart break and my eyes water
I ask why over and over again becasue for the most part, the shows that are ending are the ones that have been there for my entire youth.
The two things I want to talk about is 7th Heaven and That 70's Show.
7th Heaven ended after 10 years, I watch it everyday becasue I am lame but so what, I find comfort in it, the last two episodes I sat there and cried through the entire episode and after it ended, only to hear that it has been picked up for a second life. I really dig things like this.
Things I dont dig: The Ending of That 70s Show, for the longest time I watched that crew blaze in their basement and it was funny, as they added characters and left highschool I lost touch with it but still enjoyed it. Tonight my dad and I tuned in for the final 2 episodes, I figured I would feel nothing, but as everyone came back after leaving the show, the flash backs(thats what always gets the water works running) and the final blaze as they left the psychedelic decade into the decade of golden girls and big hair and shoulder pads, I realized all these things are ending. Its a change of society, the end of an era in T.V.
Is it going to be all down hill from here? who knows....

An amazing take on the religious candles which I love so much, I may have to add this one to my collection.

some things that caught my eye on my travels through ETSY

Does anyone like Blythe?
Im looking for a pretty and cute one
I know a man that goes to the Long Beach Swapmeet
I sadly can't go this weekend
he sells a wide variety of dolls circa 1950-late 70s
He has some real creepy ones and some real cute ones
They would make fabulous pictures
I want to buy a Blythe doll from him though

across the universe

my photo montage project
woohoo tonight is the oc finale
tommorow is friday
and saturday im getting a hair cut

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In that mind, it all makes sense

my afternoon project
I am also working on a psychedelic box

well apple has come out with their newest toy
complete with iSight camera
I do love it
and I am way overdue for a new compy
this might be numero uno on my wish list, next to a digital canon slr camera

I was just playing some of my 60's surf rock and british invasion 45s in my living room and I got my parents and my neighbours dancing, it was absolutely fabulous end to a pretty good day!

Monday, May 15, 2006

has anyone ever told you how random you can be miss e?

random photos for the day!
don't we like starting out the week on a good note?

found this on etsy
this guy makes a lot of beatles buttons and such.
I think this one is pretty cute
Well I woke up late this morning and had 10 minutes to get out of bed, get ready and get to school, I made it to school but I felt like a mess all day. But it was all worth it when I got home and my mom had got me two tickets to see The Shins (one of my favorite bands for those who did not know) and Belle & Sebastian at the Hollywood Bowl, July 6. Plus I went to tennis lessons and I have Improved so much its amazing. My forehand is like *BAM* and my backhand is all *swoosh* and I get a good pop noise going in general (haha I apologize for my lame sound effects). Im really proud of myself, considering last year I was at the lowest rung and now im getting up there.
tonight is the two hour Grey's Anatomy finale, I'm so excited, the suspense it driving me crazy!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

aw those highschool bands and sleepy swapmeet sundays

jewel in the lotus
a really great band from my school
my friend aishah is the singer
spend my friday night in the company of some great people

some owls and cats at the rosebowl swapmeet

Thursday, May 11, 2006

For Esme-with Love and Squalor

J.D. Salinger
I am slowly reading through his published works, and hope to find his unpublished works as well
I am so attatched to some characters such as Holden Caulfield who may be the fictional love of my life, or the dysfunctional Glass family, even Sergeant X and Esme.
Is it me or typical things like youth and family that makes me relate to his writings?
In a generation where imagination has been slaughtered by the brainwashing of mtv and book that are made into films leaves no room for one to think and decide for themselves.
I connect with the characters and have my own ideas of them and their lives and I am glad Salinger has not allowed any of his works to be adapted to film since the adaptation of Uncle Wiggily in Conneticuit, because I know instantly that I would no longer see Holden in the same light.
The picture of Holden in my head with his red and grey hair and his camel hair coat and red hunting hat, or Franny Glass sitting with Lane in a booth at a restaurant smoking a cigarette, I don't ever want to lose those precious images to some half rate actor portraying them.

In no means do I want to go and contradict myself here, so wait it out for a second..
I love how many people have been influenced by his writings, Wes Anderson, who is a directing genius is rumored to have supposedly based the Tenenbaum family on the Glass family, in Down at the Dinghy, Boo Boo Glass's married name is Tannenbaum! And Max Fischer in Rushmore on Holden. I wonder if my friend Holden was named after Holden Caulfield. Mary Hudson, a character in The Laughing Man oddly reminds me of Margot Tenenbaum....."She had on her beaver coat, she was smoking a cigarette, and she seemed to be looking in the direction of our game." Things such as Holden's comfort in the Natural History Museum in New York, and how Richie and Margot runaway and live there. These films are so similar to Salinger's writings yet so different that it doesn't ruin my imagination, because it is not direct, it may as well be a coincidence I could go into extreme detail in how my life connects to the events in these stories but I just might keep them to myself for now...

or am I thinking to much into it?

“Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.”-Mr. H. Caulfield

"Holden, after all, isn't unhappy because he sees that people are phonies; he sees that people are phonies because he is unhappy." -from an article I read comparing Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar and other authors who write the alternative coming of age novel.....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

goodbye ruby tuesday

well you see, my father has always wanted to go to cuba and so have I
i think it might be the most amazing place to take photos
and i really hope to go there in the near future

I also found the greatest collage of edie

well tommorow is gonaa be a bad day in the world of school
standardized testing, followed by some chemistry and a math test im not prepared for
but I do have tennis
june gloom has hit LA
and it looks like it may stay for awhile
Rosebowl swapmeet on sunday morning
that is where i will be with my lovely mother
today i wore my owl necklace out
and he was a fab hit
everyone loved his revamped purple eyes
ah well lets hope for a great day tommorow

Sunday, May 07, 2006

treasures, trinkets, and scary elephant feet

my sad owl with his one eye

the possible replacement eyes they are a bit trippy
i saw some real psychadelic ones at the bead store but i didnt want my poor owl to be tripping on acid

the final purple eyes to be glued tommorow

half of my clean organized closet
well sundays are usually for swap meets.
today my dad and I explored the pasadena city college flea market ( no elliott love, not a market for fleas)

my new poloroid sx-70 camera, sadly we went on a mission to two sammy's cameras to look for its film which is discontinued, found it, but my camera does not work properly

the phone in my parents room when i was a little kid, it eventually was toy for me to play with

my new birdcage, i want a really big one the has a stand for my house in utah, but this will do in my room for now

these are the owls which made me think of the newest shop on the block Goldmine Garage

scariest thing of the day, real elephant feet! how horrible and terribly random

dream barbie bubble gum pink luggage set and bright shag rugs

banksy on melrose