I'm saving this for real this time

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

goodbye ruby tuesday

well you see, my father has always wanted to go to cuba and so have I
i think it might be the most amazing place to take photos
and i really hope to go there in the near future

I also found the greatest collage of edie

well tommorow is gonaa be a bad day in the world of school
standardized testing, followed by some chemistry and a math test im not prepared for
but I do have tennis
june gloom has hit LA
and it looks like it may stay for awhile
Rosebowl swapmeet on sunday morning
that is where i will be with my lovely mother
today i wore my owl necklace out
and he was a fab hit
everyone loved his revamped purple eyes
ah well lets hope for a great day tommorow

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themoldydoily said...

those pictures of Cuba are so pretty, Glad the owl makeover worked out so well. I hope I'm well enough to make the Rose BOWL too. XO