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Thursday, May 18, 2006

For Elliott with Special Hugs & Cake?

oh you silly boy
Is it possible to measure the pleasure you get in this?

Well spring is supposed to be about new begginings but as it turns into summer it means your favorite seniors graduation and the series finale of some of your favorite shows.
I think I may devote a whole entry eventually to my seniors
Series finales makes my heart break and my eyes water
I ask why over and over again becasue for the most part, the shows that are ending are the ones that have been there for my entire youth.
The two things I want to talk about is 7th Heaven and That 70's Show.
7th Heaven ended after 10 years, I watch it everyday becasue I am lame but so what, I find comfort in it, the last two episodes I sat there and cried through the entire episode and after it ended, only to hear that it has been picked up for a second life. I really dig things like this.
Things I dont dig: The Ending of That 70s Show, for the longest time I watched that crew blaze in their basement and it was funny, as they added characters and left highschool I lost touch with it but still enjoyed it. Tonight my dad and I tuned in for the final 2 episodes, I figured I would feel nothing, but as everyone came back after leaving the show, the flash backs(thats what always gets the water works running) and the final blaze as they left the psychedelic decade into the decade of golden girls and big hair and shoulder pads, I realized all these things are ending. Its a change of society, the end of an era in T.V.
Is it going to be all down hill from here? who knows....

An amazing take on the religious candles which I love so much, I may have to add this one to my collection.

some things that caught my eye on my travels through ETSY

Does anyone like Blythe?
Im looking for a pretty and cute one
I know a man that goes to the Long Beach Swapmeet
I sadly can't go this weekend
he sells a wide variety of dolls circa 1950-late 70s
He has some real creepy ones and some real cute ones
They would make fabulous pictures
I want to buy a Blythe doll from him though

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