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Sunday, May 28, 2006

at this rate, please don't let me become a cat lady

Today I headed out to Pasadena (which I seem to do a lot on sundays)
I went to the Norton Simon Art Museum with Dalton and Nadia and Paris
we had a lovely time
and ate too much food at lunch
where we saw the soap star Susan Lucci with her daughter who is on Passions
We saw a cute boy who we named Todd, he wore thick glasses and all black chucks
he had his headphones on but was working as gaurd type person, you know the one who makes sure you don't touch anything
haha colin love you must be gettign a kick out of that
well we saw the cute boy "Todd" and I wanted to go talk to him but he went onhis break before I could get the chance It was tragic, we then saw a group of cute boys sketching in hte gardens by the pond, one in a royal blue shirt and white sweat band headband.
It was a lovely day, we listend to music and such and had quite a few laughs
I took these pictures of Nadia's cat Lily, she is quite the fiesty one, she batted at me a few times.
I love how she sits in this glass bowl basking in the sun

through the looking glass

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themoldydoily said...

these cats are super...wow. The pose of the hunter is amazing.
Did I tell you that Clyde was adopted already? bummer