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Sunday, May 07, 2006

treasures, trinkets, and scary elephant feet

my sad owl with his one eye

the possible replacement eyes they are a bit trippy
i saw some real psychadelic ones at the bead store but i didnt want my poor owl to be tripping on acid

the final purple eyes to be glued tommorow

half of my clean organized closet
well sundays are usually for swap meets.
today my dad and I explored the pasadena city college flea market ( no elliott love, not a market for fleas)

my new poloroid sx-70 camera, sadly we went on a mission to two sammy's cameras to look for its film which is discontinued, found it, but my camera does not work properly

the phone in my parents room when i was a little kid, it eventually was toy for me to play with

my new birdcage, i want a really big one the has a stand for my house in utah, but this will do in my room for now

these are the owls which made me think of the newest shop on the block Goldmine Garage

scariest thing of the day, real elephant feet! how horrible and terribly random

dream barbie bubble gum pink luggage set and bright shag rugs

banksy on melrose

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themoldydoily said...

Oh WOW-Love the new owl eyes and that rad telephone. I used to collect those old cameras too- sometimes they make the best photo transfers to paper. XOXO to your fab blog.