I'm saving this for real this time

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

licky licky sucky sucky.

ugh so
blogspot isnt letting me post pictures

so check the live journal


its worth it to check, i swear.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

dear rosebowl, its nice to be back

Sunday, what a day...
Started my day at the rosebowl swapmeet and found some great treasures, and spent time with some great friends, it was nice to be back in a LA habit after being gone for a month.
that night, Kate, Alexa, Chelsea, and I went to go see Mates of State, Spoon, and Death Cab for Cutie at the Greek.
It had been month in advance we got out money together to buy the tickets. Alexa and bought heres seperately and thought it was in the same section but sadly hers wasn't. The usher took notice and managed to get us wristbands to the pit, which ment we were less than 2 feet away from the stage, front and center. Byfar the best upgrade in a long time.
There was drama, as there is in most cases, but the great music, and the annoying but cute(casue i was once like them) death cab fans made for a great evening.
here is the lovely Beatriz, recently back from SVA too.

Kime and I dressing up.

and again

Great find for the day, I found multiples of these records, note to self..must buy the record..it is way to funny

cyn and kime dress up like the swarms of young girls who think they too can be liek mary-kate olsen

I have not left my house since sunday night
except for a few breath of fresh air in my driveway
I am a slave to my procrastination and AP work

Friday, August 11, 2006

humming birds, and dragonflys, and sixteen candles, Oh My!

It was a mellow sweet sixteen, nothing out of MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen.
I slept in and sat with dalton, I left the house to get a manicure and pedicure with Kelly and then we got a nice lunch at Marmalade.
I came home and sat out at the pool then went out for my big birthday dinner at Adobe Cantina.
Summer gatherings are always there and always consist of a fun time with good food and excellent company.
Today I sat in solitude by the pool doing some AP reading.
It was serene watching the dragonflys hover over the aqua water, and the humming birds in the morning glories.
Tomorrow may consist of the same thing..

"I'll have the regular" lobster tacos and virgin margeritas


emma + dalton= one!!


my girlie girls

Monday, August 07, 2006

Summer's wasting

Time moves so slowly in California
My first three days back I have felt the need to be in constant motion.
I miss my SVA friends way to much.
I miss the city.
It felt so nice to take a drive up the coast yesterday.
My cousins then came for a visit.
My 16th birthday is on Thursday the 10th.
Rosebowl Swapmeet is on Sunday the 13th.
That night I am seeing Spoon and Mates of State at the Greek with my girlie girls.
I have way to much AP US History work to do
It is so nice to be home.
I can say that and be sarcastic and be serious at the same time

Thursday, August 03, 2006

heading back out west

bye bye east coast
for now

today was a continuing brooklyn adventure with frank, where i was the only white person for a good few blocks, then to a nicer part of brooklyn to carolina rose's old hood, then to washington square to play in the fountain, followed by seeing brothers of the head and the ifc center, i do love lower manhattan, it is now second nature roaming around there

new york has been the greatest thing in a long time

and all of my new amazing friends mean the world to me

if you compared the emma on her first 24 hours in new york to the one now
she is unrecognizable

i hated this city
but now i love it

i am still soooooooo socal
and soooooo la

but now i am getting from people back west that i am soooooo new york

don't worry east coast
I will be back sooner than you think

leaving sucks

thank god im not saying goodbye

that would be hard

it is more of a

see you later

show pony at screaming mimi's
Jen and Nicolette


washington square

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just hang me, I apologize

Busy, Busy, Busy
it is so hot here
and I have been running around the city for 3.5 weeks now. School is over, and after having spent the greatest weekend ever in Roslyn Long Island with Abby and Keith and some other suspects, I returned to the city to fine that tuesday was the first day I saw noone from my comforting bubble of SVA. Today looks as though it will be going the same way. I now have to consider packing my bags correctly, and take care of some business down in china town.....i need another suitcase..haha. Over the phone and on Myspace I recieve comments from my SVA friends, The greatest people I have met, saying how much we miss one another. It is awful to not see these kids in class everyday, not to have bitchen hall parties or even to fight over the tv in the solarium.
So Roslyn... We went to this kids zacks house where we walked around town, then went to the mall and saw :ady in the Water, which I must say, everyone needs to see for it is a parody in itself....back in roslyn pines, escaping the fear of getting in trouble in the dorm, Keith, Abby and I, aswell as sean (FEB) and two of keith's friends had quite the fun saturday night, going to dominos in the middle of the night, watching tv, writing on keith in sharpie, jacuzzi-ing, passing out in keiths basement, ping-pong, and getting back to abby's at 5 in the morning. It was then followed by a trip ot to williamsburg for the POOLPARTY at McCarren Park where Of Montreal played. Such an awesome show in an awesome venue (a huge drained public pool). Abby and I met up with Adam and Adly and Daniel. We took the LIRR back (which I am now a veteran port washington train rider) and we once again met up with keith on a search for more midnight dominos stops and a porch party with the 3 of us. Abby and I ende dour weekend dancing around to music in her basement. Monday I spent shoppign at H&M then with frank and then met up with Daniel at union for a movie, We went and Saw little miss Sunshine, it is hilarious. Tuesday was SoHo shopping day with a trip to screaming mimi's!! the staff there is so friendly and I saw some of Kime's stuff, we took pictures and had a great time talkign about everyone we knew in common and all the stuff to do here in the city...

I'm so sad that SVA is over for the summer and I am hesitant about going back next year only becasue the same people will not be there, many will be geting ready to head off to college. Saying goodbye to everyone was hard, and there were tears, but we all have myspace and aim for the most part so it can't be too bad......
i know you all want pictures
i am uploading them so in a few days i will have the photobucket link for everyone to go crazy over
well im out, off into the world for some epic adventure in the big M

it sucks to be alone now in a way. I cant say i'm bitchen and double jointed to strangers on the subway...

ok so the pictures a eapidly coming in by the second

Jesus babe at Union Square

Hotties and Babes

Dana babe

Cotter babe

these are all photos from my photo shoot
I set up a studio in the solarium with lights and everything
for a little over two hours I photographed pre college kids and normal residents for my final project
these are the un altered photographs
this is trevor







Junk Food

Dana and Cotter





April and Austin

self portrait
I'm Bitchen. I'm double-jointed.