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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

dear rosebowl, its nice to be back

Sunday, what a day...
Started my day at the rosebowl swapmeet and found some great treasures, and spent time with some great friends, it was nice to be back in a LA habit after being gone for a month.
that night, Kate, Alexa, Chelsea, and I went to go see Mates of State, Spoon, and Death Cab for Cutie at the Greek.
It had been month in advance we got out money together to buy the tickets. Alexa and bought heres seperately and thought it was in the same section but sadly hers wasn't. The usher took notice and managed to get us wristbands to the pit, which ment we were less than 2 feet away from the stage, front and center. Byfar the best upgrade in a long time.
There was drama, as there is in most cases, but the great music, and the annoying but cute(casue i was once like them) death cab fans made for a great evening.
here is the lovely Beatriz, recently back from SVA too.

Kime and I dressing up.

and again

Great find for the day, I found multiples of these records, note to self..must buy the record..it is way to funny

cyn and kime dress up like the swarms of young girls who think they too can be liek mary-kate olsen

I have not left my house since sunday night
except for a few breath of fresh air in my driveway
I am a slave to my procrastination and AP work

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