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Thursday, August 03, 2006

heading back out west

bye bye east coast
for now

today was a continuing brooklyn adventure with frank, where i was the only white person for a good few blocks, then to a nicer part of brooklyn to carolina rose's old hood, then to washington square to play in the fountain, followed by seeing brothers of the head and the ifc center, i do love lower manhattan, it is now second nature roaming around there

new york has been the greatest thing in a long time

and all of my new amazing friends mean the world to me

if you compared the emma on her first 24 hours in new york to the one now
she is unrecognizable

i hated this city
but now i love it

i am still soooooooo socal
and soooooo la

but now i am getting from people back west that i am soooooo new york

don't worry east coast
I will be back sooner than you think

leaving sucks

thank god im not saying goodbye

that would be hard

it is more of a

see you later

show pony at screaming mimi's
Jen and Nicolette


washington square

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