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Sunday, April 23, 2006

on our way back home

cute boys
colin and colby
thursday was a lovely 4/20
i went down to provo to the mall with my friend mary
i then went to see del the funky homosapien and the von bondies
the crowd was under a haze of smoke
it was awesome
i had a group of 5 tough tattooed and pierced guys in the very front row with me
colin was running around taking pictures
and then colby the 1st came and we watched the show
then we all went to the student union and hung out
friday night i went down to the u again and saw over it, mae, and yellowcard
the yellowcard kids scared me
they were a bunch of idiodic frat boys and screaming girls
but i still had a fun time
i spent saturday over at dylans house.. denver was over and we sat around talkign about mutual friends
then this kid nick came over
and we skated down to the city park and the boys played volleyball
i watched pretty persuasion which is another movie i suggest you all watch
its very interesting and twisted
evan rachel woods is extremely talented

i found this quote sums up the film
"Kimberly Joyce, you have the face of an angel. Throw in a ripe, little pubescent body - the devil wears a gray skirt, my friend"

i really do enjoy seeing great films
it makes my day
i slept the majority of the drive home
i read franz kafka's the metamorphosis
and listend to left of center and underground garage on sirius radio
those two channels are amazing
they pinpoint my musical tastes
well now tommorow i get to go to school...yay..
now its all downhill to summer vacation
except for everyone else is getting out in the next month and im stuck in that hell hole until the middle/end of june
oh well...

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Colin Roe said...

i need to finish kafka