I'm saving this for real this time

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

drive to nowhere..ish

well once again I am in my beloved utah
the drive up was pretty interesting i must say
i decided to take a break for a tiny choclate dipped icecream cone and the local dairy queen in the middle of central utah
so i got a medium cause the cone looked super small
ya not really
it weighed probly 5 pounds
im not going to eat icecream for another 10 years
which makes sense casue ten years ago was the last time a ate at a dairy queen

this pretty much disgusts me
i had to hand it over to my dad

Look at this poor donkey
it makes me sad
he was being pulled in a little platform with some fencing behind a minivan on the interstate and 70 mph
ill post more of my finds soon
ill take some good pictures of the evil robins in the backyard


Colin Roe said...

robin's are nuts

emma said...

the are multiplying by the hour at my house