I'm saving this for real this time

Thursday, September 28, 2006

teenage wasteland.

I think I may be in(lust)love with this boy
who I met at the beginning of the year.
he's awfully perfect possibly because his tastes in art and music and movies and hobbies are similar to mine.
Its comforting to know he doesn't look like me.
I tell everyone how I wish I saw him more often.
I worry about if I'm exaggerating and getting to involved over absolutely nothing.
I wonder why its so quiet.

it makes me refer back to almost a year ago this December when I was involved with a boy who dressed almost identical to I.
I laughed when I passed him in the hall and we were once again dressed similar. I also laugh about how we never felt the need to talk... or maybe it was because we had nothing to talk about.

I have found a beautiful boy, who I never have a chance with, not in my wildest dreams.
I met him by complete fluke and found him again by pure coincidence. This has happened many times though.
and I'm hesitant to how it all ends.

I joke about becoming a nun.
I don't think I ever would. Ever
I need to work on friend versus something else.

improvements for the school year
some random thoughts about attatchement.

3 day weekend
no plans
boys are to busy
I'm unsure about who I want to socalize with.


Colin Roe said...

they always said love was in the spring but i find it more in the autumn

kate said...

i haven't heard about this. you'll have to fill me in.