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Friday, July 07, 2006

Big City Bound after Belle at the Bowl

I am for once not going to Utah on a trip
Tonight I am flying to New York
I hate flying alone
and at night
and I am beyond sared
and I currently dont want to get out of my bed beause it will be the last time I get to be in it for a month

Last night I had such an amazing time
Belle at the Bowl!
The Shins were so great, they played a couple new songs which made the whole concert worth it
Belle and Sebastian backed up by the LA Phil had a great sound
the lead singer is quite a showman
getting dresses, makeup, from people in the crowd, pulling up girls to dance
He was over the top and preformed an amazing 2 hour set
by the end everyone was standing up dancing.
Ok well onto a day of packing...yuck

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themoldydoily said...

I wanted to run into you-I had an extra wrist band! For the after party) My cell phone had no reception inside there. How long are you gonna be in NYC? I may be there around the end of July. I'll definitely give u a shirt- make sure u give me your address there.
xoxo be careful and let me know if you want to meet any of my photo friends there.