I'm saving this for real this time

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Oh Brazil, why did you have to let me down like this?

Well the country my grandfather is from is out of the World Cup. I had all my money on Brazil only to lose to FRANCE!!!!!! Now with England out now Viva Italia? I should be rooting for Germany considering that is where the rest of mi familia is from but I'm just not that into them....

Well this new camera is unstopable when it comes to taking pictures
So I'm pretty sure there will be more pictures in this blog than ever before.
pool day with anna

on the way to the roxy with miles
went and saw The Like and Simon Dawes

on the way home

Anna & WE

LAYouth @14Below Punk Night!



grace and friends in the vip booth

Noah Fucking Klein

Emma will kill you bitch!

kyle says.....


I can't believe it is Saturday....


Colin Roe said...

damn cute kid. i cant believe it is saturday too

emma said...

whos is a damn cute kid..me?

kate said...

I want to go with you next time you hit up 14below. I had fun the first time I went.

themoldydoily said...

All the people in this blog should be getting paid for being so cute. oh and Viva Italia- my peeps.
Did I tell you I'm gonna have a stand with my pals at the Rose Bowl ha ha ha
that's right 4 a.m. set up