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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

hot town, summer in the city

So, I have been crazy busy running around and making new friends, aswell as taking pictures (which I am here to do for those not aware). I am on the 4th floor in my dorm with a view of the drug store across the street, Down the street is yes, an american apparel and a bit further is the subway stop that will take me just about anywhere I want to go. I have an great companion who goes on adventures aroudn the city with me named Crosby, the lovely Kristina who may be one of the greatest people I have met outside of California. Then there is friends like Lauren, Vino, Sally, Beatriz (my only other friend from California, representing Burbank), Dana, hannah, Dimitri, Lee, Michelle, Eric, All the kids on my photo class, and my newest friend Austin who is fabulous and deserves to be an honarary member of my circle of friends in LA there are so many more its insane.
Tomorrow I will be going to Coney Island for a photo shoot! and today I got to work in the studio shooting.
It's very late and I will try to get pictures
I am just so swamped

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themoldydoily said...

sounds like fun...I was thinking the other day I need better models for my Ebay auctions- you and your pals may have to get hired when you return ha ha.
I also think I'm gonna become a regular Rose Bowler.