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Saturday, July 15, 2006

competition for the best week ever

Greg, one of the MisShapes DJs sent someone to find my friend austin to tell him to call him, we now get to go to MisShapes. we were invited for tonight but we can't stay out cause of stupid curfew. Siren music festival was amazing, Eveyone ought to check out a band called Man Man, they are so obscure but you listen to them and they are amazing. I went with Chelsea, Austin, Crosby, Jon and Joshua. We met up with chelsea's friend Heather there and saw Danii and Danny, aswell as Adam and Adly (the twins) and many people from our program. I met a guy named Cooper who knew chelsea from Parsons and he took the subway back with us. Tonight we had a pizza party and then ran around the building delivering random junk mail to peoples rooms and filling out dating service forms. we are random and having the time of out lives. I know its a cliche...what can I say, you are only young once.
plus i got my picture taken for the worth global style network
check it out at www.wgsn.com
it was so cool

Chelsea & Crosby



Man Man

The Siren Krew



Megan said...

EMSMAMEMSA!!!!! I MISS YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH BABE! When are you coming home you crazy loon you? Argh, Nothing is happening in our little town. NOTHING. Blech, I am bored out of my socks and i have been skateboarding about. YOU ARE MISSING IT. Talk to you later!
Love, Megasm

Colin Roe said...

OMG! I saw MAN MAN early thus summer and they blew my mind away. i still need to buy and album
they also have a live recording on npr's all songs considered
it is great