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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Girls

So I guess friday was the last day of school
but according to the school district, today was.
I went around noon
with my new camera, stopped by Mrs. B.S.'s class for some talk about photo and next year
then to Mr. Carrier's class for a quick chat and a portrait taken of me. Then to Mrs. Gardner where we talked and ate some cookies. I then went and chilled with the young libraian... he asked me if I played strip poker this weekend when I said I wasn't playing the game for money. It was a good day but it still doesn't feel like summer.

The setting sun outside my bedroom window

I went and saw Nacho Libre
It was funny and very well directed and filmed. The locations are great.
Yesterday I saw a Prarrie Home Companion, I enjoyed it being a fan of the radio program.
My dad got me Golden Girls seasons 4&5 so now I am set for a few days...I will check in once my marathon is through....

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