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Sunday, June 11, 2006

The return of the Camera Cord

Somehow my camera cord made it's way into the garage,
so I have a few pictures I took last weekend while babysitting Miss Gina Lola Sofia

I went with my mum and my cute little friend Sarah. I tried to find her a dress for her 8th grade graduation, nosucess there but she did find an owl necklace and a fabulos pair of shoes which I pointed out to her.
I also saw an old friend from school Allen, who graduated last year
and I ran into Kime!
I bought 2 dresses,
a blue top and a black belt

Welcome to the L.A. bitch!

I decided ET is my obscure find for the day, nothing creepier than a little alien in a bathrobe.

my owly finds for the day


themoldydoily said...

I'm so glad you bought that first dress (psychedelic paisley) LOOKS great! I'll post the things I found later on the doily.

Colin Roe said...

I wish I had a rosebowl