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Monday, June 19, 2006

Heres to you, Lazy Daisy

My pretty little blonde head is melting.
I'm catching up on roasting in the sun, and doing hardcore review for the oh so lovely finals!
turning things in cleaning classrooms, bringing work home, looking at the seniors leaving.
I was driving into LA the other day, my mom asked me about my friends graduating, I started to reminise about the year..its hard to drive on PCH while tearing up.

Friends going to New York, northern California, Illinois and such...
But then there are those staying at community colleges..whle they are not going to be to far, it is the things I have taken for granted this whole year, the walking to classes with them, and sharing homework, putting together study packets, playing around in the darkroom, and the most amazing hugs in the world that I will miss.

My father's day went well, My dad and I went biking in Santa Monica and Venice together, something we have enjoyed doing together my entire life. I made the mistake, one that I have made before, of feeding the pigeons and and seagulls french fries from hotdog on a stick

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what was that thing ... sculpture like