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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Around the world, around the world

Friday was the last coffee house for the school year...Instead of being crammed into the library, everyone gathered up blankets and cuddled up in the quad for a night of music and poetry

Jackson & Joe..

Kate & Jackson..

Alexa..Mac..Charles..and of course Sandro..

Saturday night Chelsea, Alexa and I found ourselves at LAyouth's 14 Below seeing Darren Weiss, The Morning Benders, The Naturals, and Simon Dawes
I highly recommend The Naturals and The Morning Benders
The are real up and coming bands
The lead singer of The Naturals is completely influenced by Jim Morrison and Lou Reed

We hung with Ian and met some new friends
and saw some Malibu kids

and got a hell of a lot of dancing in
check the link on the side of my page that says LAyouth
there are some pictures that Ian took and some that I took that got in on his camera
check out the scene night and pep la links from there


My early girls..

Darren Weiss..

The Naturals..

Miss Alexa..

It is too hot and to small in that room to be dancing with that many people..we were exhausted..

Ian again, the stud with the cameras..



Kyle & Ian..

click the title for a link to more pictures


Colin Roe said...

ian is a stud

kate said...

I have that picture of you and Mackenzie and Alex. You three look beautiful, as always.

And boy, do I look awful in that picture.