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Sunday, December 10, 2006

little slice of love

For those few who know this dress
this is the dress that I have lusted over at the Rosebowl for over a year
I thought it did not fit
and i was going to take kime and cynthias advice on buying it so no one else could have it
but when i tried it on...
it fit!

12 bucks for a little slice of love

Last night I ventured out into the rain with Grace and Miles to go downtown into the warehouse district to see Matt & Kim and No Age!
It was amazing and freezing and hot and the coolest place to have a show
they played on the skate ramp!
my white shoes got temporatily trashed from being stepped on in the rowdy crowd of hipster boys and girls.

there are pictures on 476ad

there is a link under the link section side bar!

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themoldydoily said...

YAY- you look like a wrapped gift or a darling piece of candy- so glad it was still there!!