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Sunday, December 31, 2006

in the sleeping bag

written december 30th:

jason called me and it was so nice to hear his voice.

Last night I watched The Notorious Bettie Page.
I full stand by saying it was amazing. I really enjoyed it and it was believable and interesting andI actually want to own it.

People have been acting funny, people being Albert. But i can't complain.I have no right to.

still no new years plans...jason told me about a few parties.. so did colin. Most are in Salt Lake meaning I cannot attend.
I really miss all my friends.
I know a few of you guys read this..so friday do you guys want to have a party or something?
Jon and I are trying to find someone who has a pool.....

anything.i just need a fun fun fun weekend with all my lovelies!

plus jon told me we are gonna have a nature show saturday...and sunday!

i went to the hardware store today and it has everything! i could buy everything i would ever want and need..they even had the red ryder bb-gun just like in a christmas story!

they had a whole display of plastic animals
I eventually want all of them..but today i got a little fawn
its seriously cute cute cute

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