I'm saving this for real this time

Sunday, December 31, 2006


I am obviously not at some fun party like the rest of mt friends are

I am sitting in a dark room with a drink. Not much goes on here... I guess I didnt put in a good effort into finding a party here in the valley.

I am usually the one to put on a fireworks show..I didnt even to that

I walked outside into the middle of the street wrapped in a blanket and my unitard and watched other peoples fireworks go off.

I just really want to go home and be with my friends who I love.

I've never made resolutions for New Years...
i guess loose a few pounds
not go into the hospital
start getting serious about my future
and the ultimate cliche of finding love or something close to it.

and I honestly dont mean to be such a downer here..but I can't help being realistic about situations.
There has been no hype this whole winter season...maybe there is something wrong with me? or maybe im distracted by a certain someone.

I had a really lovely day taking pictures in the valley and playing in the snow.
I woke up to beautiful frost covering everything and silver ice crstals fluttering everywhere
and tonight I had a rediculous five course meal that after the first course I was full.

What New Years means to me is remembering to write a new number on my heading for school assignments

Happy 2007 loves!

let us see what you will bring!


I♥Tsubi said...

I wish you were with us last night, your presence would have made it that much better! We need to do something super when you get home..

ps. I put a link to your page on mine under links, hope you dont mind..tehehe

kate said...

You know what I'm feeling.
I love you.

I♥Tsubi said...

Yayy!! Sounds Scrumptious, and I'll try and fiddle with the site again and hope for the best. I'm excited for your arrival and the fun-filled weekend ahead!

themoldydoily said...

Emma! Happy New Year! You have to email me a message with your address so I can send you your Xmas gift.