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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

stolen sweethearts

it seems i neglect this blog
I now no longer post exclusvely on here only becasue i have a following of friends on livejournal.

I sent albert's care package in the mail, we had a lovely chat in the phone friday night into saturday morning...till 4 am...but he has been missing since them.. i have seen him online once and i did not message him and then again on monday but his away message was on and i signed off.
I'm sure he is fine and I am not to worried about that..but I am worried that he is cutting himself off from everything..including myself..just as things looked promising...he was/is planning a visit on feb 1 for that weekend.and would be staying with me at dani's house. He is a cute boy and i like him very much..and he is one boy who i felt liked me too and i didn't panic!

rosebowl this sunday with jon..then we are seeing matt and kim at the smell..monday is no school
i jsut gotta make it through tomorrow night and im ready for weekend mode.

last weekend was amazing and photos are posted on 476ad.com polaroids galore.
Kime sent me my christmassy/newyears present and i love love love it!

this is him

I love my friends so much, they are beautiful and kind happy people!
we have pool parties and bake cookies and take polaroids galore and smile and sing and dance and balance and make funny faces. iv'e never been soo happy over friends in my life

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