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Monday, January 15, 2007

Make me feel tiny if it makes you feel tall

Well a long weekend it has been..but it has gone by pretty fast!
Friday I got out of school and well I honestly don't remember what I did, well think I rested and watched tv and yes i recall i complete 5 Sudoku puzzles until Atticus and I decided to go see Pan's Labyrinth. It was a dark fairytale and very violent yet still enjoyable through the cringing moments. It was too cold for icecream. We had a nice time..we have never hung out just the two of us. Hes a good person to go see a movie with becasue he shares snacks well.

Saturday was yet another day of blur. I woke up late and decided to call Megan over for pizza. She came over in the early evening and ate Point Pizza and watched gameshows and it was great becasue shes one of my few school friends that I enjoy the company of and hang out with outside of school. We then exchanged very late Christmas and birthday presents (don't ask why so late). I made her a barette clip and got her some lavander candles and these pretty white holders. She got be a yellow power suit, becasue it was so rediculous but I really liek the skirt a lot!. She also made me two pairs of earings and got me some nice eye makeup. We then drove over to her house in our separate cars and then went down to the video store and rented Mallrats. We watched it and then it was tiem for me to go home. I took the long way home and drove around the entire point. I stopped at the park and Point Dume and turned off my car lights and looked out at all the lights across the bay, and thought this is a really nice place to take someone you love.

Sunday was a wake up early Rosebowl morning. I drove over Kanan at 8 in the morning to pick up Jon. It was 20 degrees, the entire day he did not trust the car's temperature reading. We then drove over to pick up Miles. Then we headed to Pasadena. Jon and Miles were both virgins to the swapmeet, and I always enjoy bringing friends who have yet to experience it. As always I saw friends and some of the regular rosebowlers like myself and i saw some of my favorite vendors. I spent a good long time at Andy's booth picking up some records. I got a Duane Eddy LP, a Little Eva 45, a Jefferson Airplane LP and and album by The Pretty Things (which Andy described as a grittier Stones..he was right). I also picked up a a sweet white vest/sweater and a little yellow cardigan, aswell as a pair of boots that are too small for me. Jon got an auto harp! and some nice clothes and glasses, Miles got nothing. It was a good group of friends to go with. I also saw Vincent and Sadie aswell as Kelly, and some kids I went to school with. We went and had Mexican food for lunch and then dropped everyone off at home. I listened to my new records and lounged aorund until it was time for me to drive over to Jon's house. We drove downtown to see Matt and Kim at The Smell. This is my second time seeing them, they are so good live! The first band was okay and I enjoyed the second one a bit more..I made friends with a cute girl named Whitney and we hung out against the wall and made an escape plane for when things got ruff (it did not execute well). I really enjoyed the third band KIT and then of course Matt and Kim. Jon, Miles and his friend and I were right up front against the stage, which was so great except we were smooshed into the stage by the rowdy crowd. People were getting thrown everywhere and my poor damaged internal organs got some squishing. My knees and thighs also have nice bruises where i was up against the statge. Some aging rockabilly cholla had a death grip on my arm and i thought if I did anything more that trying to push her back she would have scratched my eyes out. My friend david was also there...I met him at the last Matt and Kim show with Grace. Jon had me drive his car home becasue he forgot his lisence and wallet (the joke all day was i kept reminding him his wallet was in his jacket pocket..we obviously forgot) I then got to drive over Kanan at 1 in the morning passing only two cars. I listened to the mixtape Jon made me, I really like it a lot. I made it back home by 1:30. Today I got out of bed by noon and out of the house to the hobby shop to work on my physics olympics projects. My dad and I then continued the search for materials at the mall and we then came home where i have been doing homework.

It hasn't been a really relaxing weekend, but it was definately fun! I havent hung out with such a wide variety of friends since ever...but now im getting stressed about finals and the upcoming tests on my insides to see if i still need surgery.

the new boots!

these are a selection from the only pictures ive seen so far from last night..by another friendly LA photographer "redslurpee"

the unabomber

these are mainly from the second band that played (the unabomber is the lead singer)

thanks Jon for taking pictures!

david and i

jon and i have angles

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