I'm saving this for real this time

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

oh no...

My nose is running and I'm fearing that I am coming down with a cold!
My friend has gone missing. No one is talking about it or those who know where she is are not saying, my teacher said it was private. I am very worried
but I know she is atleast in a good place.
School is getting the best of me and I am dreadung the spiral down into the new year.
I am unprepared for the holidays and my winter break, I want to get my liscene so I can spend my free time exploring and trotting about LA.
I need to go to some shows and do some shopping!
I need to spend time with friends!
Matt and Kim this weekend was amazing, the pictures are posted on 476ad and my livejournal. I have been posting on there which annoys me but it is sometimes easier and i get the feeling more people read it?

I am working on my wish list

i'm not good at asking for things, I'm more of a see them as they come kinda gal.

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