I'm saving this for real this time

Monday, February 26, 2007

[soulseex] + new best friend

technology has swept me off my feet and is filling that hole in my heart with music!

my appendectomy was succesful

i now have one less organ than i was born with!
i have been pretty sick though and in pain but i will soon be a healthy girl!

Kate came to visit me for awhile saturday, then danny, dani, kait, ricky, anthony and randy all came over later.
they brought soup and the boys ate chocolate cake and danny was a little bull in a china shop, curiously going through all my belongings, he also threw forks at me. Kait is such a silly and was obvious in trying to surprise me with their visit
I love my friends for visiting me!
Jon came over sunday afternoon for a good long time we just hung out on my bed and watched the oscars and played on the computer, I love when jon comes over because i can just hang out and be relaxed, he is an easy going person.

i get very naseaus from this medicine, i want it to be the weekend
it is kait's 18th birfday party!
i am working on a indie dance party mix cd for her



Anonymous said...

I miss my Emma!

And Blogger says I'm 250 years old. I guess I'm pretty fuckin' hot then.

Anonymous said...

i came across your blog by chance, and oddly enough i know two of those boys.