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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a good day


I went to the doctors and waited 50 minutes in the waiting room, complimented a cute boy on his reeboks and sat with a blonde boy who looked extremely familiar, turned out it was Jesse Mccartney, yeah it was bizzare. I felt bad for him now that Zac Efron has taken his place. Got a lot of blood drawn, then went to pick up film at the lab, talked to a cool dude about art schools, went and saw Chris at work since no one else could hang out with me, came home and ate dinner and got malibu yo.
I got another roll of film back from costco, the above photo is from that roll taken in echo park on friday...there are more on my flickr...I think you can click on the photo to be linked to a small selection from the 3 rolls
or this link to the photos of me and annakim's dressup sesh
click here


big daddy said...

Whats your flickr name? Have you checked out wardrobe_remix yet?

KG said...

yeah im sorry zac efron has taken his place too. but i dont think jesse would have been as good in high school musical.

cool pix.