I'm saving this for real this time

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ever since Sam and I watched Daisies with Kime and Annakim I have been hooked to the psychedelic film.

"Two teenage girls, both named Marie, decide that since the world is spoiled they will be spoiled as well.This freewheeling, madcap feminist farce was immediately banned by the Czech government".

come over and watch it with me sometime!


Viviene said...

its me Viv! I just added your blogs to my blog's sidebar- yay!
Lemme know if you have any other random snaps of me...send 'em over. I took some great ones of you and will be posting them later today.
ps- I love Daisies too. Got to se it on the big screen at the Egyptian the first time. Niiice.

Hilary Flamingo said...

I absolutely adore this film!!
Have you seen any of her other films at all?
Czech New Wave films are amazing....