I'm saving this for real this time

Friday, December 21, 2007

plastered posters

my room
just the walls.

a collage i did.

the silly generic posters

bird decals, a portrait my friend kime did of me for my birthday, postcards from friends and photobooth strips.

matt&kime poster, one of my favorite photographs, banksy poster from his last show, gun range target, a print of a painting kime did, and a poster i ripped of a poll in hollywood.

little gold antlers with a snorkel from the 99cent store, and a hat i bought on st.marks 1000 years ago, a letter "e" for emma, and a butterfly my friendRrobert sent to me from Malaysia.

i posted this in one of my communities..i worked so hard on it i thought it should be posted elsewhere

on another note. i have burns (rug burn basically) on my face. owch.
i have two versions of the story. the story you are told depends on who you are.


Ranzige Bunzing said...

nice pics. did you put up the beatles, bowie and velvet underground because you like the picture or the music (or both)?

KG said...

your room is wicked - i lurve it!

Colin Roe said...

i wish i lived with you now. I love that those who are artisticly minded have a cluttered space. my room is the same. so is my fathers house. so are most art students. but not the math students and english kids.. nope.

love you
Colin Roe Ledbetter