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Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday's made easy

I woke up this morning tired and sore. I came across this video and realized it made my Monday morning so much better. so here is my list for curing "Mundane" morning blues:

1. This video, seriously.

2. Give yourself extra time that morning. I know it sounds painful to set our alarm 10 even 15 minutes earlier, but then it just allows for some snooze time. Your sleepy brain thinks its getting some extra time.

3. A protein filled breakfast! I can't even get out of bed without food in me. I really think its the only thing that give me energy for the day. Also take your vitamins!

4. Be comfortable. There really is no reason to be put together on a Monday morning. This isn't the weekend. Make sure you shower, wash your face, or even mediate so you still feel good about yourself.

5. Know that the day will most likely go by quickly and you can climb into bed as soon as you get home (if you must, and in my case yes).

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jlo said...

aww i loved this!