I'm saving this for real this time

Thursday, December 04, 2008

my favorite color...

Marigold, or as Pantone has it titled, "Mimosa" is predicted as the top color of 2009!
I'm glad they finally got the memo. I even felt the need to wear my old marigold tights the other week for a friendsgiving potluck dinner. It looks like American Apparel even brought back their old marigold color hoodie out of retirement.

Of course I will never abandon my O.P.I "need sunglasses?" nail color.

some marigold items that i need in my life:

coming and going coat rack from urban outfitters

A set of Baggu re-useable shopping bags.

"Stay Gold" shirt from Sophmore NYC


alexgirl said...

I love that color. So good for xmas in the summertime!

Big Daddy said...

oh that nail colorrrr, jealous!