I'm saving this for real this time

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

playing in fields with boys



ashley said...

i should probably start by saying that i hope this doesn't come off as terribly creepy, haha. i found your blog through randomly clicking links on another blog, and added you because a) your style is wonderful and b) i recognize you from communities on lj and c) you live in southern california (i do too). it only made it better when you posted the flyer for the little wings/outdoor concert because i was already planning on going to it. and now, there are pictures from it! so i figured i should comment and tell you that these are really gorgeous pictures, and it was a really amazing event (what did you think of it?) and i really enjoy your blog. //end creepiness :]

big daddy said...

i like these pictures a lot! so cute and summery!! and yep your right about the one with the headband.