I'm saving this for real this time

Friday, June 29, 2007

tell me what you want, what you really really want

for my 7th birthday I had a spice girls themed birthday party. and all my presents from my mum and dad and a few of my friends was spice girls paraphernalia. SO I was thinking my 17th birthday is coming up, and coincidentally the spice girls are getting back together after 10 years, I think I might want tickets to go see them, since I didnt get to the first time around (i'm being serious, this is not a joke).

man i used to have spice girl posters, candy, binders, dolls..you name it, i had it..if only i could find all that stuff

In other news....I leave for California College of the Arts tomorrow so hit me up in the Bay Area..I will be there all of july.


Anonymous said...

Did you sign up on the website? Supposedly that's the only way to get tickets.

themoldydoily said...

Have fun at school, take lots of pics. For the record, when I had my reddish hair people always said I looked like Ginger spice.
sorta bummer

big daddy said...

i loooove the spice girls still. i watch the movie all the time, they are so good! hah

alexgirl said...

I think you owe it to the Spice Girls to have another themed party in their honor.

How's art school? Sounds fun!