I'm saving this for real this time

Sunday, July 29, 2007

ive been gone..but now i'm home

i tried making a giant post of photos from my time at cca but it didnt work

so i guess i will have to try later..or i can post just a few

i never want to give Reuben back his sweatshirt
it smells distinctly like him and his leather jacket
he has one of my gold chains

he almost made me cry the other day
i never thought when i met him that he would end up being one of the hardest people for me to leave

hes a bad influence.

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afternoons are sometimes spent in my room with music snacks and photo kids who can't work in the lab
(reuben, coral and robert)
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i have perfect suite mates who i love so so so much, especially when we have our girl talks and nightly read aloud from trashy magazines
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and Erica
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if only mike could be our fourth..he is from Taiwan and learned to speak english in long island, he cant read cursive and we swear at each other in spanish
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of course there is Sam with Marina (on the left, who would fit in with brooke and catherine in a blink of a second), we are basically attatched at the hip so she has to come to la with me
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and when we get bored and need to get out of the dorms we walk to safeway, or our favorite Longs drugstore which has EVERYTHING.
luke loves the clothes there
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while molly loves trying on "hats"

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if your really curious, there is an album on www.kanankids.com from one of the dance parties we had at the dorms

i cant believe it is over


big daddy said...

no, what's a stylemob account?

big daddy said...

Oh i know i site like that its called warbrobe remix on flickr, have you ever heard of it? i am addicted to it!
i don't really want to put my email on here cause i only have one and its for school, how else could i send it to you?