I'm saving this for real this time

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Creative Kids go BOO!

Well it is Halloween again
and I stayed till lunch to get some snapshots of the costumes of kids who weren't dressed as lame or hoes.
I think it came out well.
ceiling fan, get it?

gorilla girl


Princeton Review ahhhh SAT Prep

oh my god cameron as the police officer from the village people.

aww milesy

bed linen

i just want a headdress

a cute girl went all out with the 80's hair and hairspray bangs, thank god she didnt do a side ponytail

president of the yacht club

ari! my ninja boy, i can forgive him for not being richie with me

Kate, cheerleader vice versa footballplayer


super girls


charlie looking like a total babe.

ari's ninja fet


Colin Roe said...

i want the super women.

themoldydoily said...

Hey-all my friends love MILES french baguette outfit!! That is great...Did you get my last comment about the costumes?