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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Emergency Hospital Visit

Well I am in the hospital.

Way back I wasn't feeling well, I thought I had the flu and i was achy from that

but it turns out no.

Friday: I woke up went with my mom to pick up her car after showing her the large swelling on the right side of my stomach and telling her about how i was in more pain than normal. She then had to visit her doctor at UCLA, as i sat in the car unable to move. We finally got to the motion picture doctor, for those who dont know I am extremely afraid of the doctors etc. so i sat crying in pain and fear in the waiting room, they finally took me in and said well it may be your appendix but you need to go to this other place to get a cat scan. I then went there and had lost the energy to walk once getting to the waiting room. I got a wheelchair and i was taken to a back room where i had to lay for a hour and a half drinking barium sulfate to prep me for the catscan, it was awful and chalky and tasted like banana. I was there fever until they confirmed it was my appndix and it had perferated had abessed. I then went to St Johns Hospital to the emergeny room. I was put in my own room and my doctor at the hopital came in and explained the whole thing and i basically had an infected area atleast teh size of a grapefruit that would be drained...she also told me I had a high white blood cell count an a fast heart rate which ment i would go into intensive care. I was moved out of my private room in the emergecy room into a curtained area with beds. i saw crazy homeless screaming and running infront of me and szchohrenic women in the curtain areas next to me. I was hooked up to a heart monitor and my IV waiting for my procedure. THey finally took me u, I got another cat scan and then was given pain medication and numbing stuff on m stomach where a small hole was made to insert a tube, they doctor then pressed the fliud out of my absess, it was almost a liters worth. after i was put back in the emergencyroom with the crazys until my really nice room in the ICU was made up. There i was bathed and given my morphine button and watched over every second. I was in ear the whole day wanting to go home and it was a huge ordeal to even go to the doctors and it kept getting more scary, they took a lot of my blood and i was allowed to have nothing, not even water!!!

Saturday: I woke up to some more blood tests, and my doctor saying the procedure went vey well and i could have ice chips ad water and i would be moved to a normal room. my aunt and cousin came to visit My dad was bringining all the necessites. I stayed in bed....i got some flowers

Sundsay: Soft food day...i havent eaten since thursday and dr. childs said i could now.
Dalton came and visited, arnolds mom ella came, chelsea and hannah came. they took away my morphine and ive been on and off the iv.
ive had my blood taken from 3 different spots....

visitors are welcome here!! just tell me!
please come see me, im stuck in bed.

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themoldydoily said...

OH MY--I just noticed the comment you left for me!! ARe you O.K.???? My little sister had the same thing a few years ago. I hate I.Vs and veins so I suppose I'd be a goner. You are brave for all that surgery business. I worked the ARthur Nights festival--lots of cool music-I'll update you. I wondered where you were. O.K- so how long are you in the hospital? E-mail or call