I'm saving this for real this time

Monday, April 02, 2007

lifestyles of the rich and the famouz

For those who even care
my unenthusiastic celebrity sighting for the weekend was
drum roll pleaseeee:

Joel Madden of Good Charlotte

He left his starbucks cup on his car...my friends and I only realized it was him once we saw the swanky black car...I thought he was just some tattooed creep looking out of place on a suburban street off of Magnolia in Burbank.


alexgirl said...

OMG! was he with Nicole Richie? Or wait, is it the other one that's dating her? I can never remember.
I haven't had a celebrity siting in weeks, and I think the last one was completely pathetic, like Hayley Mills from The Parent Trap--does that even count? hah.

emma said...

he was not with nicole richie, if he was i definately would have mentioned it. haha
i saw her one time at the local end of summer carnival. She was with Mischa Barton and i thought she was a 11 year old girl she was so tiny!